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Mediation and Atonement
John Taylor
An Examination Into and an Elucidation of The Great Principle of The MEDIATION AND ATONEMENT of OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST
Chapter 1 Introductory -- Christ's Testimony with regard to His Sufferings..
Chapter 2 The Testimony of Jesus the Spirit of Prophecy -- The Declarations..
Chapter 3 Extracts from the New Testament, touching the Personal History of..
Chapter 4 Extracts from the Pearl of Great Price and Inspired Translation o..
Chapter 5 The Book of Mormon and the Atonement -- Extracts from the Books o..
Chapter 6 Extracts from the Book of Doctrine and Covenants -- Christ's Test..
Chapter 7 Introduction to the Historical Portion of this Treatise -- The De..
Chapter 8 Seth -- His Sacrifice Accepted -- Rebellion in the Heavens -- The..
Chapter 9 Enoch, his Life and Translation -- References to Him by Paul and..
Chapter 10 Noah -- His Sacrifice -- God's Covenant with Him -- Melchizedek -..
Chapter 11 Abraham's Record Concerning the Creation -- The council in Heaven..
Chapter 12 Abraham, Isaac and Jacob -- Sacrifices Offered by Them -- Abraham..
Chapter 13 Sacrifices in the Days of Moses -- The Institution of the Passove..
Chapter 14 History of Sacrifices and the Law of Moses among the Nephites --..
Chapter 15 The Offering of Sacrifice in the Times of the Restitution of all..
Chapter 16 Brief Retrospect of History of Sacrifice and its Symbolism -- The..
Chapter 17 The Atonement and the Resurrection -- Adam and Christ -- Why a La..
Chapter 18 Christ as the Son of God -- A Comparison between His position Glo..
Chapter 19 Man as man -- His Excellency and His Limitations -- Salvation and..
Chapter 20 Christ to be Subject to Man -- His Descent Below all Things -- Ma..
Chapter 21 The Relation of the Atonement to Little Children -- Jesus Assumes..
Chapter 22 The Operations of the Priesthood in the Heavens and upon the Eart..
Chapter 23 The Laws of God Unchangeable, Universal and Eternal -- Examples a..
Chapter 24 The Results of the Atonement -- The Debt Paid -- Justice and Merc..
Chapter 25 The Resurrection -- The Universality of the Atonement -- The Prom..
APPENDIX The Ideas of a General Atonement and Redemption, Entertained by A..
Contents Mediation and Atonement
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