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Bruger: Anonym History of the Church
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Volume 2
Period I. History of Joseph Smith, the Prophet by Himself. An Introduction and Notes by B. H. Roberts.
Introduction To Volume 2 Summary Review Of Volume One
Chapter 1 The Year Eighteen Hundred And Thirty-Four--Affairs..
Chapter 2 Organization Of The High Council--First Cases Befor..
Chapter 3 The Cause And Object Of The Jackson County Persecut..
Chapter 4 Trial And Conviction Of Hurlburt--Efforts In Behalf..
Chapter 5 Zion's Camp--Its Journey From Kirtland To Missouri.
Chapter 6 Zion's Camp In Missouri--Letters Of Governor Dunkli..
Chapter 7 Zion's Camp In Missouri--Efforts At Arbitration--Th..
Chapter 8 Zion's Camp Disbanded--An Appeal.
Chapter 9 Return Of The Prophet To Kirtland--Sundry Events In..
Chapter 10 Charges Against The Prophet On His Return From Zion..
Chapter 11 A Moment's Peace--Council Meetings In Ohio And Miss..
Chapter 12 Change In Church Periodicals--The Covenant Of Tithi..
Chapter 13 The Lectures On Faith--Twelve Apostles Chosen And O..
Chapter 14 The Great Revelation On Priesthood.
Chapter 15 The First Mission Of The Twelve.
Chapter 16 Progress of Affairs at Kirtland -- Discovery of the..
Chapter 17 Sundry Council Meetings In Vermont, Ohio, And New Y..
Chapter 18 The Book Of Doctrine And Covenants Presented To The..
Chapter 19 The Prophet's Return From Michigan To Kirtland--His..
Chapter 20 Sundry Affairs At Kirtland--The Pledge To Redeem Zion.
Chapter 21 Incidents From The Prophets Experience In Kirtland..
Chapter 22 The Ministry Of The Prophet In Kirtland.
Chapter 23 The Ministry Of The Prophet In Kirtland.
Chapter 24 Miscellaneous Labors Of The Prophet In Kirtland.
Chapter 25 The Troubles Of Orson Hyde And William Smith--The B..
Chapter 26 Opening Of The Year 1836--The American Indians--Spe..
Chapter 27 Reconciliation Of The First Presidency And Twelve A..
Chapter 28 The Prophet's Ministry And Studies In Kirtland.
Chapter 29 Dedication Of The Kirtland Temple--Spiritual Manife..
Chapter 30 The Ordinance Of Washing Of Feet--Visions In The Ki..
Chapter 31 Prediction Of The Prophet's Grandparents--Agitation..
Chapter 32 Organization Of The Kirtland Safety Society.
Chapter 33 Meetings Of The Quorums Of Priesthood In The Kirtla..
Chapter 34 Affairs In Zion--Apostasy At Kirtland--Appointment..
Chapter 35 Financial Condition In Various Nations--Progress Of..
Chapter 36 The Gathering Saints--Increase In The Number Of Sta..
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