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Bruger: Anonym History of the Church
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Volume 3
Period I. History of Joseph Smith, the Prophet by Himself. An Introduction and Notes by B. H. Roberts.
Introduction To Volume 3. Enlightenment A Factor In Determining Responsibili..
Chapter 1 The Prophet Joseph's Departure From Kirtland And A..
Chapter 2 Excommunication Of Oliver Cowdery And David Whitme..
Chapter 3 Readjustment And Settlement Of Affairs At Far West.
Chapter 4 Selection Of Lands In Caldwell And Daviess Countie..
Chapter 5 Independence Day At Far West--Sundry Events And Re..
Chapter 6 The Beginning Of Trouble In Caldwell And Daviess C..
Chapter 7 Increasing Difficulties Between The Saints And The..
Chapter 8 Mob Movements In Caldwell, Daviess And Carroll Cou..
Chapter 9 The Organization And Journey Of Kirtland Camp.
Chapter 10 The Journey Of Kirtland Camp. (Continued).
Chapter 11 Expulsion Of The Saints From De Witt, Carroll Coun..
Chapter 12 Movements Of The Mob Upon De Witt--Battle Of Crook..
Chapter 13 Mob Movements On Far West--Treachery Of Colonel Hi..
Chapter 14 Rivalry Among The Militia Generals For Possession..
Chapter 15 The Case Of The Saints Presented To The Missouri L..
Chapter 16 Case Of The "Mormons" Before The Missouri Legislat..
Chapter 17 Preparations For Leaving Missouri--Action Of The S..
Chapter 18 The Exiled Saints Gather At Quincy, Illinois--Prop..
Chapter 19 Letters To The Prophet--Affairs In England--Petiti..
Chapter 20 Sundry Movements In The Interest Of The Exiled Sai..
Chapter 21 Stirring Scenes About Far West--The Escape Of The..
Chapter 22 The Prophet's Account Of His Experiences In Missou..
Chapter 23 Settlement At Commerce, Illinois.
Chapter 24 Adventures Of The Prisoners Remaining In Missouri-..
Chapter 25 Commerce--The Prophet's History--Doctrinal Develop..
Chapter 26 The Prophet's Ministry In The Vicinity Of Commerce..
Chapter 27 Baptism Of Isaac Galland--Epistle Of The Twelve To..
Chapter 28 The Escape Of Parley P. Pratt And His Fellow Priso..
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