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Bruger: Anonym History of the Church
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Volume 4
Period I. History of Joseph Smith, the Prophet, by himself. An Introduction and Notes by B. H. Roberts.
Introduction To Volume 4.  
Chapter 1 The Departure Of The Twelve For England--Manifesta..
Chapter 2 The Prophet's Journey To Washington--The Petition..
Chapter 3 The Prophet's Efforts At Washington To Obtain Redr..
Chapter 4 Departure Of The Prophet From Washington--Labors O..
Chapter 5 Affairs Of The Saints Before United States Senate-..
Chapter 6 Development Of The Work In England--The Palestine..
Chapter 7 First Foreign Periodical Of The Church, "The Mille..
Chapter 8 Important Conference Of The Church In England--Kid..
Chapter 9 The Return Of A Prodigal--Conditions In Kirtland--..
Chapter 10 A Missouri Kidnapping--Continued Development Of Th..
Chapter 11 Threatening Portents In The Actions Of Missouri--G..
Chapter 12 Progress Of The Work In Great Britain--The Saints..
Chapter 13 Introduction Of The Gospel In The Isle Of Man--The..
Chapter 14 Vale 1840--Enter 1841--List Of Publications For An..
Chapter 15 Reconstruction Of Church Affairs At Nauvoo--Revela..
Chapter 16 The First Foreign Mission Of The Church 1837-1841
Chapter 17 Celebration Of The Twelfth Anniversary Of The Orga..
Chapter 18 General Conference At Nauvoo--Epistle Of The Twelv..
Chapter 19 Organization Of The Nauvoo Legion--Notable Persons..
Chapter 20 Arrest Of The Prophet On Demand Of Missouri--Trial..
Chapter 21 The Mission To Jerusalem--Progress Of Orson Hyde I..
Chapter 22 Sundry Events At Nauvoo And Throughout The World--..
Chapter 23 The Death Of Don Carlos Smith--His Life And Labors..
Chapter 24 Hotchkiss Land Purchase Troubles--Death's Harvest,..
Chapter 25 The General Conference Of The Church At Nauvoo--Do..
Chapter 26 Affairs In Kirtland And Nauvoo--Epistle Of The Twe..
Chapter 27 Official Denunciation Of Thieves At Nauvoo--The Mo..
Chapter 28 Kirtland Vs. Nauvoo--Political Attitude Of The Peo..
Chapter 29 The Opening Of The Year 1842--Whereabouts Of The T..
Chapter 30 Emigration Of The Saints From England To Nauvoo--T..
Chapter 31 The Wentworth Letter.
Chapter 32 The Bennett-Dyer Correspondence--The Prophet's Dis..
Chapter 33 A Mason's Estimate Of Nauvoo And The Prophet--Orga..
Chapter 34 Special Conference Of The Church At Nauvoo--The Pr..
Chapter 35 The General Bankrupt Law--The Doctrine Of Baptism..
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