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Bruger: Anonym History of the Church
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Volume 5
Period I. History of Joseph Smith, the Prophet, by himself. An Introduction ad Notes by B. H. Roberts.
Introduction To Volume 5.  
Chapter 1 Inauguration Of Endowment Ceremonies--Perfidy And..
Chapter 2 Actions In Relation To John C. Bennett Et Al.--The..
Chapter 3 Correspondence Between The Prophet And Governor Th..
Chapter 4 The Prophet Charged With Being Accessory To The As..
Chapter 5 The Prophet In Seclusion--Correspondence With Wils..
Chapter 6 Correspondence Between Joseph Smith And Wilson Law..
Chapter 7 Efforts To Counteract The Wicked Influence Of John..
Chapter 8 Instructions On Baptism For The Dead--Corresponden..
Chapter 9 Letter Of James Arlington Bennett To The Prophet A..
Chapter 10 Temple Affairs--The Prophet's Address To Newcomers..
Chapter 11 Prophet's Retirement From Editorship Of "Times And..
Chapter 12 The Prophet At Springfield, Illinois--His Conversa..
Chapter 13 The Prophet Again In Nauvoo--Celebration Of His Re..
Chapter 14 Provisions For The Enlargement Of The Municipal Go..
Chapter 15 Visit Of The Prophet To Shokoquon--Wood Cutting Be..
Chapter 16 Attempt To Repeal Parts Of The Nauvoo Charter--Gol..
Chapter 17 Eulogy Of Lorenzo D. Barnes--The Beginning Of Auxi..
Chapter 18 A Great Missionary Movement--Special Instructions..
Chapter 19 The Prophet On The Resurrection--Directions Given..
Chapter 20 Important Doctrinal Items; Salvation Through Knowl..
Chapter 21 Definition Of The Word "Mormon"--Discourse On Maki..
Chapter 22 Forms Of Credentials Of The Twelve--Conference At..
Chapter 23 The Prophet's Visit To Dixon, Lee Co.--Conditions..
Chapter 24 Application To The Municipal Court Of Nauvoo For W..
Chapter 25 Aftermath Of The Prophet's Release From Arrest--Fo..
Chapter 26 Discourse Of The Prophet--His Love For Mankind--Pr..
Chapter 27 State Of Affairs In Nauvoo, Willard Richards--A Po..
Chapter 28 The Prophet On The Life And Character Of Judge Eli..
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