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Bruger: Anonym History of the Church
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Volume 7
Introduction To Volume 7.  
Chapter 1 Conditions In Hancock County Reviewed By Governor..
Chapter 2 Submission Of The Prophet To The Requirements Of T..
Chapter 3 Governor Ford's Visit To Nauvoo--Fears On The Way-..
Chapter 4 Governor Ford's Comments On The Character Of Josep..
Chapter 5 Political Considerations Of The Period Following T..
Chapter 6 The Martyrdom Of Joseph Smith; Review Of Condition..
Chapter 7 John Taylor And Dr. Bernhisel's Interview With Gov..
Chapter 8 Interview Between Joseph Smith And Governor Thomas..
Chapter 9 The Assault Upon The Prison--The Murder Of Joseph..
Chapter 10 Was Governor Ford Responsible For The Murder Of Th..
Chapter 11 Miscellaneous Events Apart From The Major Facts Of..
Chapter 12 Movements In Hancock County, Carthage, Nauvoo, War..
Chapter 13 The Martyrdom In Poetry--Efforts For Food Supplies..
Chapter 14 A Chapter Of Sundry Events At Various Places And D..
Chapter 15 Chapter Of Miscellaneous Documents, Press Excerpts..
Chapter 16 The Movements Of The Apostles And Other Leading Br..
Chapter 17 Gathering Of The Twelve And Other Leading Elders A..
Chapter 18 The Gathering Of The Twelve Apostles From The East..
Chapter 19 The Settlement Of Church Leadership--The Twelve Ap..
Chapter 20 Events Immediately Following The Sustaining Of The..
Chapter 21 Formal Trial And Excommunication Of President Sidn..
Chapter 22 Epistle Of The Twelve To The Church--Moral And Spi..
Chapter 23 Minutes Of The Important Conference Of October 6th..
Chapter 24 Preliminary Steps To The Forthcoming Prosecution O..
Chapter 25 Progress Of Work On The Temple--Miscellaneous Move..
Chapter 26 The Great Conference Of The Seventies At Nauvoo--O..
Chapter 27 Campaign Against Wickedness Both By The Church Aut..
Chapter 28 The Story Of Continued Progress Of The Church In N..
Chapter 29 The James Emmett Company Officially Visited--April..
Chapter 30 An Appeal To Lyman Wight To Be United With The Twe..
Chapter 31 Sundry Events Grouped Together Looking To An Under..
Chapter 32 Preparations For Westward Journey--The Final Word:..
Chapter 33 Last Conference At Nauvoo--Plea Of The "Mother Of..
Chapter 34 Official Message To The Saints In The United State..
Chapter 35 Important Letters, Friendly And Otherwise--Summary..
Chapter 36 Murders By Mobs Continued--Confession Of Dr. Rober..
Chapter 37 Dedication Of Parts Of The Temple--Endowments Give..
Chapter 38 Large Number Of Persons Endowed In The Temple--Jan..
Chapter 39 Departure Of Brigham Young From Nauvoo--Propositio..
Chapter 40 Discontinuance Of Daily Quotations From The Manusc..
Chapter 41 The Return To Winter Quarters--The Organization Of..
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